Zegami's software helps users sort and manipulate tens of thousands of images.

Image credit: Zegami

Oxford spinout Zegami launches data discovery software to manage 'information tsunami'

Helping people manage and manipulate tens of thousands of images is the mission of Oxford spinout Zegami, which has raised seed funding from investors including Parkwalk Advisors and Oxford Sciences Innovation. 

The software has been developed by Oxford's Head of Computational Biology, Steve Taylor, and software company Coritsu Group. It is able to display tens of thousands of images, documents, movies, 3D objects or dashboards in a single field of view that users can search, sort, filter or group in real time. 

Mr Taylor said: 'Using Zegami, we're able to make sense of the vast collections of image data and its associated metadata, which is key to our research in ways which were previously impossible. The ability to use multiple parameters to search, sort and group images is invaluable for picking previously unseen patterns or characteristics in the image datasets.'

Sam Conway and Roger Noble of Coritsu group, who developed the software, will join Zegami as CEO and CTO respectively. Mr Conway said: 'We've designed a toolset to allow people who are managing image-rich data sets or large image libraries to turn their information into knowledge in a visual way – not only to find the "needle in a haystack", but also to visually identify trends and patterns.'

O'connors, an asset management company based in Adelaide, South Australia, has used the software to track asset performance. Managing Director Andrew O'connor said: 'Zegami provides a simple and effective user interface that has improved our access to information internally and provided a solution that our customers can use to quickly and easily track an asset's everyday performance.'

Fred Kemp, Isis Innovation's Deputy Head of Technology Transfer, said: 'Gaining insights from image data is something which academic groups and companies across the world grapple with daily. Using Zegami transforms the experience from time-consuming and frustrating to pleasant and enlightening.'