Professor Sue Dopson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour; Fellow of Green Templeton College


Professor Dopson's research centres on leadership and transformational change in the public and healthcare sectors. Her work has informed and influenced government bodies such as the Department of Health and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in their thinking on areas such as the dissemination of clinical evidence into practice, medical leadership and the role of the support worker in the NHS. For nine years Professor Dopson represented the University of Oxford as Non-Executive Director of the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. She was a personnel manager in the NHS before pursuing an academic career.

Professor Dopson is involved in a number of innovative executive development programmes, including the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, the Oxford Transition to Leadership Programme and Consulting and Coaching for Change, as well as programmes delivered to clients in the Middle East. She has worked closely with organisations ranging from the UK Department of Health to Roche Pharmaceuticals and is involved in the development of courses for the NHS and Royal Mail. She has also worked as a tutor with Centrica.


  • Nature of managerial work
  • The changes in the role of the middle manager
  • Career issues for managers
  • Management in the public sector and managing with professionals
  • Aspects of National Health Service management
  • Evidence-based medicine, implementation issues
  • Adoption of innovation