Professor Nir Vulkan

Associate Professor of Business Economics; Fellow of Worcester College


Professor Vulkan is a leading authority on e-commerce and market design, and on applied research and teaching on hedge funds. He is the author of one of the leading texts on the microeconomics of e-commerce, The Economics of E-Commerce: A Strategic Guide to Understanding and Designing the Online Marketplace, which analyses online trading mechanisms and the way in which web-based technologies, such as bidding elves, smart agents and shopping bots, influence the behaviour of consumers and retailers.

Nir has also co-edited The Handbook of Market Design, which contains a selection of the latest research in the growing field of market design, and draws on his interest and expertise in markets.


  • Crowdfunding
  • e-commerce
  • Market design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hedge funds
  • Financial technology (Fintech)

Media experience

Professor Vulkan has experience of working with print media and his research has been featured in business publications internationally.


English, Hebrew