Professor Mariarosaria Taddeo

Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, DPhil Programme Director (Information, Communication and the Social Sciences), Oxford Internet Institute


Professor Mariarosaria Taddeo's primary research areas are digital ethics and ethics of defence technologies, with a particular focus on the ethical, legal, social and governance implications of using digital technologies for national defence and security purposes.

Her most recent articles focus on the definition of ethical principles for the use of AI in defence and the moral permissibility of autonomous weapon systems (AWS) including the definition of autonomous weapon systems, the attribution of moral responsibility for their actions, the application of jus ad bellum to AWS, and the application of the principles of distinction, necessity, and the doctrine of double effect to the use of these systems.

Professor Taddeo has also published seminal articles in the area of digital ethics, focusing on the very definition of this area or research, trust in digital technologies, how ethics should inform governance of digital technologies, the responsibilities of tech providers, and issues concerning privacy, transparency, the ethics of algorithms and socially good uses of AI - for example the use of AI to foster sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Digital ethics; Ethics of AI; Ethics of defence technology; Ethics of generative AI
  • Ethics of data science; Ethics of technology
  • Ethics of cybersecurity and ethics of cyber warfare
  • Digital Governance
  • Autonomous weapon system

Media experience

Professor Mariarosaria Taddeo has extensive media experience including live radio interviews as well as live and recorded TV interviews. Also, in podcasts and delivering features in documentaries.

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