Professor María del Pilar Blanco

Associate Professor in Spanish American Literature; Fellow of Trinity College


Professor Blanco has published on the haunted landscapes of the Americas, in particular the way in which processes of modernisation create different narratives of haunting as well as how differing landscapes breed different ideas of ghosts and haunting.

Her current book project, Modernist Laboratories, explores the intersections between literary and scientific innovation in Spanish America between 1870 and 1910, particularly Mexico, Cuba and Argentina. She is co-investigator in the Science in Text and Culture in Latin America research network, which focuses on early examples of popular science publishing in Spanish America and the links between scientific modernisation and nation-building projects. 


  • Latin American literature (particularly Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean, Argentina)
  • Nineteenth century Latin American culture and history
  • Latino literature (i.e. literature of immigrants from Latin American and Caribbean countries to US)
  • Science, technology, and literature, with special focus on Latin America
  • Latin American cinema
  • Literature, film, and culture dealing with ghosts and haunting

Media experience

Professor Blanco has media experience, including interviews for the UK press, and has contributed to a short BBC Persia documentary on the work of Jorge Luis Borges.


English, Spanish, some French