Professor Ken Mayhew

Emeritus Professor of Education and Economic Performance, Emeritus Fellow of Pembroke College


Professor Mayhew was formerly Economic Director at the UK National Economic Development Office, and has worked as a consultant for a number of private and public sector organisations at home and abroad. In the UK these include the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Confederation of British Industry. Abroad they include the EU, the Polish and Belgian Governments, SIK (Sweden) and Group Training Australia. He was on the Academic Advisory Board of the National Skills Taskforce. His major research interests are in labour economics, human resource management and the economics of education and training. He was the founding Director of SKOPE, a multi-disciplinary centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance.

His current research is mainly in four areas: labour market segmentation; the ageing workforce; the economics of higher education; and low paid work in the UK and Europe.


  • Labour economics
  • Economics of higher education
  • Labour market policy
  • Industrial relations
  • Low pay
  • Social mobility

Media experience

Professor Mayhew has experience of national TV, national and local radio, as well as print media.