Professor Greg Taylor

Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, at the Oxford Internet Institute


Professor Greg Taylor is an economist whose research focuses on the economics of online markets and of markets for technology goods more generally.

His research spans the domains of industrial organisation, information economics, network economics, game theory, and auctions theory. Special topics of interest include the search engine and online advertising industries, platform markets, consumer search behaviour and price comparison services, the attention economy, and online intermediary bias.

Although primarily theoretical in nature, Professor Taylor’s research deals with some of the most pressing issues facing practitioners and policy makers - with a special focus on issues in industrial regulation and competition policy for technology industries. He has played important advisory roles for government and regulators in these areas.

Besides his research, Professor Taylor takes great pleasure in introducing economics to new audiences and teaches a course in Internet Economics for MSc students at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII).

Prior to joining the OII, Professor Taylor obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Southampton.