Professor Gordon Clark

Senior Consultant and Emeritus Professor at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment; Fellow of the Said Business School; Fellow of St Edmund Hall


Professor Clark is an economic geographer. His interests include the responsibilities and behaviour of investors with regard to long-term sustainable investment. He has researched, among other things, institutions' proxy-voting behaviour, corporate engagement strategies in relation to environmental liabilities and the sensitivity of firms to brand image and reputation; UK regulation of corporate disclosure on issues related to environment and social responsibility; and the governance of investment strategy which has an explicit long-term mandate. His current research focuses upon the governance of investment decision-making in the context of market volatility and long-term obligations.

He has advised major international banks, governments, research institutes, and consulting companies.


  • Corporate liability
  • Pension benefits
  • Pension investment strategies in the Anglo-American world
  • Urban investment options
  • Pan-European pensions and retirement income

Media experience

Professor Clark has experience of working with the media.