Professor Denis Talbot

Professor of Cancer Medicine & Consultant in Medical Oncology


Professor Talbot specialises in early phase trials in thoracic oncology, breast cancer and neuro-endocrine tumours. These studies are underpinned by translational research focused on proof of concept studies in areas such as cell cycle regulatory proteins, DNA repair and apoptosis. His other interests include research ethics, physician/patient communication skills and, with the General Medical Council, the development of objective assessment tools for evaluating clinical skills.

He is a member of the Leukaemia Research Fund Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel, Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Advisory Board, National Lung Cancer Clinical Reference Group, British Thoracic Oncology Group Steering Committee and NCRI Lung Cancer Group.


  • Lung cancer
  • Neuroendocrine tumours

Media experience

Professor Talbot has experience of working with the media.