Professor Dawn Chatty

Professor of Anthropology and Forced Migration; former Director of the Refugee Studies Centre; Emeritus Fellow, St Cross College


Professor Chatty is a social anthropologist whose ethnographic interests lie in the Middle East, particularly with nomadic pastoral tribes and refugee young people. Her research interests include a number of forced migration and development issues such as conservation-induced displacement, tribal resettlement, modern technology and social change, gender and development and the impact of prolonged conflict on refugee young people.

She is both an academic anthropologist and a practitioner, having worked in universities in the USA, Lebanon, Syria and Oman, as well as with a number of development agencies such as the UNDP, UNICEF, FAO and IFAD. She was Director of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford from 2011 to 2014.


  • Middle East ethnography (culture and society)
  • Nomadic peoples and conservation
  • Dispossession and migration in the Middle East
  • Gender and development
  • Children and armed conflict (Palestinian, Sahrawi and Afghan refugee children)

Media experience

Professor Chatty has wide experience of both broadcast and print media.


English, Arabic