Professor Daniel Grimley

Professor of Music; Fellow of Merton College


Professor Grimley's research is concerned with music, landscape, and cultural geography, with particular reference to Scandinavian music and early twentieth-century English music. Drawing widely on analytical, historical and critical theoretical models, his writing examines landscape both as a medium of representation or description and as a mode of embodiment or performance. His work is concerned with the ways in which particular landscapes shape our responses to music and sound, and equally the extent to which our sense of landscape and environment responds to patterns or fields of acoustic perception. 

He is Principal Investigator on the Hearing Landscape Critically project and associate editor of The Musical Quarterly.


  • Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century music, especially Scandinavian music (Grieg, Sibelius, Carl Nielsen), and English music (Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Delius)
  • Music, landscape and cultural geography

Media experience

Professor Grimley has media experience, including working with BBC Radio 3.