Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo

DPhil Candidate in Philosophy


Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo's research interests cluster around the ways in which sensory experience contributes to knowledge. He studies how perception shapes such diverse aspects of our cognitive lives as moral and mathematical knowledge, ontology (what we take there to exist), and our experiences of audiovisual art.

The unifying thread running through his work on these topics is the sense that epistemology and philosophy of mind have mostly tackled them on the wrong assumption: the assumption that perception’s role in knowledge acquisition is limited to establishing causal or physical contact with the objects we form beliefs about. It is an honourably ancient view, dating at least to Plato.

Emmanuel's goal is to discover ways in which our senses do tell us about plenty of things that wouldn’t qualify as sensible for Plato: knowledge of value (aesthetic value, e.g. beauty; moral value, e.g. goodness); knowledge of other minds; knowledge of mathematics; and knowledge of non-material objects.