Dr Vlad Mykhnenko | University of Oxford

Dr Vlad Mykhnenko

Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development, Department for Continuing Education; Fellow of St Peter's College


Dr Mykhnenko’s current research focuses on:

  • Urban and regional economies: urban shrinkage, structural adjustment, and economic resilience; de-industrialisation, re-industrialisation, and the urban knowledge-based economy.
  • Sustainable urban development: the New Urban Agenda (UN Habitat III); global political economy and the re-scaling of housing markets (Brazil); public policy and shrinking cities (China, Europe, Japan); urban resilience to sudden shocks (Ukraine).
  • Regional growth and territorial cohesion: economic convergence and divergence; the spatial distribution of national income, local government finance, and fiscal federalism; regional governance, state re-scaling, and territorial cohesion.

In 2015, he was elected by the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (UN Habitat) to join a group of chief policy experts, globally tasked with drafting the New Urban Agenda. His policy unit paper on urban services and technology was later approved by the Preparatory Committee for the United Nations Habitat III conference, forming an integral part of The New Urban Agenda – the final outcome document adopted by the United Nations in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. This key international policy document sets global standards of achievement in sustainable urban development and rethinks the way we build, manage, and live in cities. It will guide the efforts around urbanisation of a wide range of actors, including nation states, city and regional leaders, international development funders, United Nations programmes, and civil society, for the next 20 years.


  • Urban growth and decline
  • Shrinking cities
  • Urban resilience
  • Urban and regional economies
  • Deindustrialisation, re-industrialisation, and the knowledge-based economy
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Regional growth inequalities, regional policy, and territorial cohesion
  • Post-communist transitions in Eastern Europe and the former USSR
  • Varieties of capitalism
  • Ukraine
  • Russia: politics, economics, regions
  • The Russo-Ukrainian conflict: the Crimea and the Donbas

Media experience

Dr Mykhnenko has considerable experience of working with a wide range of national and international media outlets including BBC News, BBC World Service, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, and The Irish Independent, as well as a number of Ukrainian outlets.


English, Ukrainian, Russian