Dr Nicole Stremlau

Head, Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies; Fellow of Wolfson College


Dr Stremlau’s research focuses on media and governance, particularly in areas of conflict and insecurity in Africa.  Her most recent projects examine the role of new media in political participation and governance; media law and regulation in the absence of government or in weak states; the role of media in conflict, peacebuilding and the consolidation of political power; and how governments attempt to engage citizens and communicate law-making processes.  Her most recent research has been on media and conflict in Somalia and Somaliland

She was formerly director of the Africa programme at the Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research and has consulted for the World Bank in Addis Ababa and for Human Rights Watch. 


  • African politics
  • Media policy
  • Development
  • Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Horn of Africa
  • Media and conflict
  • Freedom of expression

Media experience

Dr Stremlau has experience of working with the media. She has written for  outlets such as the Huffington Post and newspapers in Africa, and has been interviewed by a number of national and international print and broadcast outlets.