Dr Matthew Dyson

Associate Professor in Law; Fellow of Corpus Christi College


Dr Dyson researches and teaches criminal law and tort law, drawing particularly on historical and comparative materials from around the world. He has published widely in criminal law, tort law, comparative law and legal history.

He is an associate member of 6KBW College Hill, a leading set of Barristers' Chambers specialising in criminal law and related areas of public and civil law. He is also a Research Fellow of the Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law and a Vice President of the European Society for Comparative Legal History.


  • Criminal law, with particular expertise in accessory liability/complicity/joint enterprise
  • Tort law, including what legal actions can be brought for compensation for harm, the role of injunctions, negligence, occupier’s liability, trespass, assault, battery, false imprisonment and the role of insurers
  • Legal history
  • Comparative law: understanding and comparing the laws of different countries
  • English legal system and legal practice: how laws are made, how disputes are resolved and the roles of different legal actors, like judges, barristers, solicitors, academics, insurers etc.

Media experience

Dr Dyson has some experience of working with the media.


English, some French and Spanish