Dr Marco Springmann

Senior Researcher on Environment and Health


Dr Marco Springmann is a Senior Researcher on Environment and Health at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. He is interested in the health, environmental, and economic dimensions of the global food systems and often uses systems models to provide quantitative estimates on food-related questions.

He has a multi-disciplinary background with more than nine years of research experience in the medical sciences (public health), and with degrees and research experience in both the natural sciences (physics) and the social sciences (sustainability and environmental economics).

Dr Springmann’s research has advanced different strands of research around food systems, public health, and the environment. The research questions he has worked on include:

  • what impacts climate change could have on diets and diet-related mortality;
  • what impacts diets and dietary change have on climate change, environmental resource use, nutrition and health;
  • how our food system would need to change to stay within global environmental limits;
  • and what policy measures could contribute to such a change.

His research has been published in leading journals, including NatureScienceThe Lancet, The BMJPNAS, and others. It has been cited more than 15,000 times in the last five years.

In addition, he has contributed to high-level reports, including those of the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems, the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition, and the Global Nutrition Report.


  • Sustainable diets
  • Healthy diets
  • Food systems
  • Health and environmental impacts of dietary change
  • Climate change impacts of and on diets
  • Planetary boundaries
  • Food policy
  • Public health

Media experience

Dr Marco Springmann is regularly interviewed by radio stations about his research. Amongst others, he has appeared on flagship programmes of the BBC, such as Radio 4’s Today programme, having been a guest twice, as well as the BBC programmes Inside Science, Science in Actions, The Food Chain, and Business Daily. Other radio and podcast programmes Dr Springmann has contributed to include The Guardian’s Today in Focus and The Naked Scientist.

Dr Springmann has also been featured on TV and videocasts, having appeared on the BBC’s News at Five and The Big Questions, an ITV documentary, a debating programme of TRT World, and videocasts of The Economist and Newsweek. The Economist video on ‘How could veganism change the world?’ was one of their most popular videocasts in 2018, viewed more than half a million times on Youtube and Facebook.

Dr Springmann was also interviewed about his research for several documentary films, including The End of Meat (dir: Marc Pierschel; 9/2017, Germany), #Powerplant (prod: Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation, 2/2019, Netherlands), Eating Our Way to Extinction (Broxstar Films, UK; to be released), and A Global Revolution (Outpost Pictures, UK; to be released).  


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