Dr Lucy Woodall

Associate Professor


Dr Lucy Woodall's research seeks to explore the mechanisms and processes that drive marine biodiversity and understand the impacts of humans on the marine environment.

Working on deep sea and coastal systems, she has explored many challenges of ecosystem management. Her lab co-designs research with scientists in the countries they work in, to ensure that together they create research that is needed and useable for decision-makers. They use marine expeditions to increase the visibility of the ocean and share its benefits to humankind, as well as support science and policy related activities.


  • Marine biology
  • Marine conservation
  • Human impacts
  • Reducing marine pollution
  • Endangered species
  • Equitable decision making
  • Democratising science

Media experience

I have spoken to the media extensively. For example I have appeared in podcasts (e.g. Freakonomics), radio shows (e.g. BBC Radio 4 Inside Science), in documentaries, featured series (e.g. Sky Ocean Rescue), press conferences (UN Marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction Preparatory Committee 1st session) news agencies (e.g. Associated Press), public interest shows (e.g. Good Morning America), blogs (e.g. Wise Oceans), specialist interest magazine (BBC Science Focus) and written press (e.g. The Guardian). I conducted the first ever live broadcast from a submersible at 120 m depth in the Indian Ocean in 2019 while leading an expedition Seychelles: First Descent.