Dr Kejia Hu

Associate Professor of Management Science, Saïd Business School; Fellow, Exeter College


Dr Kejia Hu is an Associate Professor in Management Science at the Saïd Business School and a Governing Body Fellow of Exeter College, University of Oxford.

Previously, Dr Hu worked at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management as a Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Dean's Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor in Operations Management. She studied at Kellogg School of Management for her PhD in Operations Management (degree received in 2017) and University of California in Davis for her PhD in Statistics (transferred hence receiving a MS degree in 2013), and Fudan University School of Management for her B.S. in Statistics (degree received in 2011).   

Dr Hu's work orbits around a central tenet: unlocking business value from data, but doing so together. This emphasis on harmonious human-AI interaction underlines her research, reflecting the conviction that data's true potential is tapped not just through technology but with collective human insight and collaboration. Speaking about her recent focus on human-algorithm interaction, Dr Hu said: 'Human-algorithm interaction is a compelling intersection where my extensive studies in both forecasting and human behaviour within service systems converge. This multi-disciplinary approach provides a unique lens to scrutinize the nuanced dynamics between individuals and the algorithms they interface with. Through cases like the renowned Jointown case and ongoing investigations in diverse sectors, I advocate for transformational imperatives like repositioning human roles, redesigning business processes, and rethinking business models to foster a synergistic environment between AI and human endeavours.'

Expansive collaborations with Fortune 500 entities and industrial pioneers are a testament to Dr Hu's profound expertise, yielding research that resonates in top-tier academic journals and bears multiple awards. Notably, Dr Hu was recognized in the Poets & Quants '40 Under 40' 2023 list for her transformative impact in education. Hu's case Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is named one of the Top 100 MBA Case Studies in China. 

Dr Hu also serves as Academic Scholar at the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, on the board of POMS College of Service Operations and the board of INFORMS Service Science section. Previously, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Morgan Stanley, and the Yiwu Government – the world's largest wholesale market.