Dr Keegan McBride

MSc in Social Science of the Internet Course Director and Departmental Research Lecturer in AI, Government and Policy, Oxford Internet Institute


Dr Keegan McBride is an expert on topics such as digital government, digital innovation, the use of AI in the public sector, digital well-being and happiness, and government interoperability and data exchange.

In his research, Dr McBride aims to develop an understanding about the future trajectory of the state in the digital age by exploring the complex and co-evolutionary relationships between technology, society, and the state. 

He is also an active member of the scholarly community, participating in several high-level digital government focused conferences and publishing in leading peer-reviewed digital government focused journals.

Outside of these academic interests, Dr McBride is actively working with NGOs, particularly those that focus on reimagining a better, open, human-centric, and equitable digital future, and can be found consulting and working with governments and private sector organizations on the topic of governmental digitalization.

Dr McBride received an MSc in e-Governance Technologies and Services and completed his doctoral studies in public administration, both at the Tallinn University of Technology in Tallinn, Estonia.


  • Digital government
  • Public sector use of technology (AI, digital identity, blockchain, IoT, etc)
  • Artificial Intelligence and its usage by society and the public sector
  • Digital regulation and policy
  • Digital well-being and happiness
  • Digital identity systems
  • Internet voting
  • Government and public sector reform

Media experience

Dr Keegan McBride has experience providing expert commentary for leading European newspapers, working with national TV broadcasters, authoring opinion pieces, and participating in podcasts.


English, Estonian