Dr Imogen Goold

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law


Imogen Goold writes on medical law and medical ethics. She is particularly interested in how we regulate people’s bodies and what they do with them. She has a broad background, trained in law, economics, modern history and bioethics. She also has a background in policy work, having worked at the Australian Law Reform Commission and the World Health Organisation. Her work covers the use of body parts (and whether we should own them); neurolaw and cognitive enhancement, childbirth, pregnancy and reproductive medicine; the history of IVF regulation; surrogacy; parental decision-making and abortion. Her work draws together historical, legal and ethical analyses of complex issues in medicine. Her most recent work examines the law around the Charlie Gard case, and the problems of stigma associated with abortion.


  • Medical law
  • Medical ethics
  • Ethics of reproduction
  • IVF and the law
  • Cognitive enhancement

Media experience

Dr Goold has been interviewed in print, television and on radio. She blogs for the Huffington Post.