Dr George Leeson

Co-Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing; Senior Research Fellow, Kellogg College


Dr Leeson’s main research interests include the demographic inequalities of global ageing, the changing populations of Europe and Latin America, migration and migrants in Europe, health and social eldercare migrant workers, migration and fertility in Central and Eastern Europe, and the demographics of increasing longevity.

He has directed the Danish Longitudinal Future Study, which focuses on the attitudes and aspirations of future generations of older people in Denmark, and he is Principal Investigator, with Professor Sarah Harper, on the Global Ageing Study, a survey of 44,000 men and women aged 40 to 80 in 24 countries.

He is a leading member of The Complex Environmental Population Interactions Project which unites key demographers, economists, anthropologists, philosophers and environmentalists to address through research, modelling and scenarios, the range of complex interactions between environmental and demographic change over the first half of the 21st century.

He has acted as an adviser to a number of organisations, including the Danish government’s Commission on Ageing; the Danish government’s Programme on Older People and Technology; the British government’s Better Government for Older People initiative; and Help the Aged's Social Policy Committee.


  • Population ageing
  • Ageing issues in Europe
  • Social and economic consequences of ageing
  • Ageing workforces
  • Demography of ageing population
  • Older people in the media
  • Age discrimination
  • Family carers
  • Migration

Media experience

Dr Leeson has extensive media experience.