Dr Daniel McCann

Simon and June Li Fellow in English Literature, Lincoln College


Dr McCann’s current research covers the later medieval period, and is concerned with the interconnection and interplay between medical and religious texts. He is especially interested in how texts can evoke emotional responses, belief, doubt, and other complex mental states through their form and style. He is currently completing a monograph on the topic of ‘soul-health’, which will show how certain medieval religious texts aim to treat the soul by evoking specific emotional states within it.

He has also published a number of articles exploring the relationship between emotion and healing, reading and healing, and medieval grammar and prayer. He is co-editor of a volume of interdisciplinary essays on the subject of fear, which explores how this emotion manifests in the medical and literary imagination from the medieval period to modern times.


  • Literature and medicine
  • Medieval medicine
  • Psychology and literature
  • Medieval religious texts
  • Reading and healing
  • Emotions and literature
  • Culture and context of the middle ages