Dr Christian Brand

Associate Professor in Transport, Energy & Environment


Dr Christian Brand is an Associate Professor in Transport Energy and Environment at the University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit and Environmental Change Institute.

His main research interests revolve around:

  • the development and use of low carbon scenarios and transitions pathways to inform transport and energy policy
  • the role of active travel in meeting public health and climate change goals, and
  • design and evaluation of policy to meet net zero ambitions.

He has established an international reputation for his pioneering work on measuring and evaluating personal travel behaviour and its impacts on energy use, climate change and health.

He is Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, where he leads projects on energy-transport systemic change and road transport decarbonisation pathways, investigator on a major UK research project on micro e-mobility, and he leads a major project in the Centre for Research on Energy Demand Solutions. He is core member of the World Health Organisation’s Health Economic Assessment Tool for walking and cycling, HEAT.


  • Energy and transport
  • Energy transition
  • Sustainable transport
  • Net Zero
  • Active travel
  • Cycling
  • Transport

Media experience

Mainly written or oral responses to media requests: The Times, BBC, New York Times, Telegraph. Often via comms officers of research centres/projects.

Strictly avoiding live interviews on TV or radio. Recorded is fine.

Contributing to press releases and news stories.

Writing for the Conversation and dealing with follow-up engagements (interviews, further funding)


English, German