Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson

Research Fellow in Classics Education


My research interests lie in Humanities education. I research the value of a Classical education in the 21st century. 

I lead research on the Classics in Communities project here I investigate what impact the learning of Latin and Greek has on children’s cognitive development.

I am particularly keen to understand if the learning of Latin and Greek boosts the cultivation of literacy and critical literacy skills.

The intersection of Classical rhetoric, oracy and citizenship education is an area in which I am research-active. I work on the rhetorical theories of Aristotle, Cicero and Quintilian. I am currently contributing to a range of pedagogical and academic projects where this expertise is directly benefitting teachers, speechwriters, politicians and policy-makers.


  • Classics education
  • Learning Latin
  • Access to the study of the Ancient world in schools
  • Educational policy
  • Rhetoric and speechmaking
  • Oracy
  • Languages and Humanities outreach

Media experience

I completed Engaging Media for Researchers training in 2020.

I have provided interviews for local and national tv and radio (BBC) and written for newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Podcasts for TORCH


English, Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek