Brian O'Callaghan

Lead Researcher and Project Manager, Oxford Economic Recovery Project


Brian O'Callaghan is Lead Researcher and Project Manager of the Oxford University Economic Recovery Project, which monitors and advises on government investment to achieve a sustainable recovery from the pandemic. He is also a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Brian’s core research concerns the economic impacts of fiscal spending. He is interested in the role that green fiscal spending initiatives can have in times of economic distress and their relation to private investment.

He is an Australian Rhodes Scholar and Consultant at the Robertson Foundation and the Boston Consulting Group, covering topics in Energy and the Environment. He is also a consultant to government and business groups on issues relating to the energy and climate transitions.

His supplementary research interests include the economics of green hydrogen and methods for reducing perceived risk in renewable energy finance.


  • Economic recovery
  • Energy transition
  • Climate change
  • Infrastructure finance and investment
  • Foreign aid and public finance
  • Technological change

Media experience

Brian O'Callaghan has extensive experience of media interviews including for international print, radio broadcast, and tv broadcast.