Encaenia Garden Party
Encaenia Garden Party
Credit: John Cairns

Encaenia Dress Code


If you hold a degree from the below Universities you may choose to wear academic dress of your highest degree honour.

  • University of Oxford: Follow the procession members guidance below. 
  • University of Cambridge or Trinity College Dublin: Academic dress from their University – gown, hood, subfusc
  • Members of Congregation: who do not have a degree from any of the above: Plain black MA gown, with MA hood, over subfusc.
  • Current students (who have not yet graduated):
    - Bachelors & Masters: Commoners, scholars or graduate gown and subfusc
    - DPhils: Graduate gown and subfusc
  • Smart day wear (it is not compulsory to wear academic dress to the ceremony).


  • Gowns from all other Universities are not permitted. 
  • Traditionally subfusc is worn, but guests tend to wear smart day wear under their robes. 
  • Academic dress is only mandatory for Lord Crewe’s Benefaction/procession members

Lord Crewe’s Benefaction/Procession members

You must wear the University of Oxford academic dress of your highest degree honour. Subfusc is mandatory for procession participants. 

  • Higher doctorates 
    Scarlet robe over subfusc, bands and the appropriate cap.
  • DPhils 
    Scarlet robe over subfusc.
  • Bachelors and Masters’ 
    Black gown over subfusc, hood and mortarboard/soft cap.
  • Outgoing Presidents of JCR & MCR of the colleges of the current Proctors and Assessor 
    Commoners, scholars or graduate gown over subfusc.
  • Members of Congregation who do not have a degree from the University of Oxford 
    Plain black gown, with hood, over subfusc.

Garden Party

  • Guests holding degrees from any University are encouraged to wear the academic dress appropriate to their degrees - gowns and hoods. 
  • Clerical, national dress and military uniform.
  • Smart day wear (gowns are not mandatory).

Full academic dress guidelines, including a description of subfusc, are available here.