Pollution Pods

Michael Pinsky
Event date
21 Oct 2023 to 5 Nov 2023
St John’s College
St Giles’
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Pollution Pods is an innovative installation by artist Michael Pinsky designed to raise awareness about air pollution and its impact on human health.

Enclosed structures simulate various polluted environments, allowing you to experience the air quality of different cities around the world.

Made up of five geodesic domes, each pod represents a specific location, recreating the distinctive atmospheres found in highly polluted areas like Beijing, London, São Paulo, and New Delhi. The pods utilise advanced air filtration systems and chemicals to mimic the specific composition and odours of polluted air.

Stepping into these pods, you will experience first-hand the tangible effects of air pollution, fostering a greater understanding of the urgent need for environmental action, inspiring us all to advocate for cleaner air and sustainable solutions.

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 1pm-5pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm.

Pollution Pods has been supported by St John’s College and the Environmental Sustainability Team.