Politics and Law: The Limits of Bounded Rationality

Revd Dr Patrick Riordan
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17:30 - 18:30
Campion Hall - Online Lecture Series
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The seventh lecture in The D'Arcy Lectures series, exploring the concept of Common Good through the three lenses of Aristotle’s philosophy, Catholic teaching, and contemporary political liberalism.

The political handling of conflict presupposes its own standards. These are less precise than the technical languages of law and economics, and there is a persistent danger that the political realm be colonized by the standards of legality or economic efficiency. This lecture explores the tension, relying on Aquinas’s account of law, and drawing on his analogical discussion of the many types of law to underline the importance of preserving a distinct realm of political reasonableness as a requirement of the common good.

This year’s D’Arcy Lectures are delivered by Revd Dr Patrick Riordan.