Logos: A Theory of Everything

Femi Fadugba
Event date
23 Apr 2024 to 28 May 2024
Event time
14:00 - 15:15
Department for Continuing Education - Online Event
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Courses and workshops
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Online lecture series with Femi Fadugba.

The '-ledge’ in ‘know-ledge’ comes from the root word, logos, which ancient philosopher Heraclitus coined to describe the underlying structure and 'reason' behind the universe. One gospel writer called Christ the logos, emphasising His centrality in creation, and across modern sciences ‘logic’ governs the creation and revision of knowledge.

We will explore this concept of logos within storytelling, philosophy, religion, physics, biology and music, providing a powerful framework for understanding the world that you can apply far beyond this lecture series.

Six online lectures. Lectures take place on Tuesdays, from 2pm-3.15pm BST (UK time).

Femi Fadugba is a theoretical physicist, sci-fi writer and EdTech CEO. He earned his master’s from Oxford, where he published in Quantum Computing, and studied as a Thouron Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. His debut novel, The Upper World, is being adapted by Netflix into a feature film.

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