LGBT+ History Month Lecture 2024

Dr Jack Doyle
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18:00 - 19:00
Faculty of Law
St. Cross Building
St Cross Road
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The Cube (and online)

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Lectures and seminars
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Archives Against the Gender Clinic: Historicising Britain’s Trans Health Crisis

This LGBT+ History Month, Dr Jack Doyle explores the history of the UK’s ongoing – and often overlooked – trans healthcare crisis. While J.K. Rowling and American challenges to trans youth’s healthcare provision frequently make the headlines, few outside British and Irish trans communities are aware that transition-related care has become virtually inaccessible through the NHS.

This talk considers the complex history of the current crisis alongside other queer health crises like HIV/AIDS, explores what’s unique about British medical approaches to gender and sexual nonconformity, and draws on the speaker’s own experience as a historian and long-time queer health organiser to offer historically informed ways forward towards trans health justice.

The lecture is being organised by the LGBT+ Advisory Group and the Equality and Diversity Unit, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law. It will be followed by a drinks reception.