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Style Guide cover

Style guide

The University’s style guide for internal use has been revised for Michaelmas term 2014. The current version can be found below.

Download the University of Oxford Style Guide here:

The University of Oxford Glossaries, an appendix to the style guide comprising terms and abbreviations in use at Oxford, is now available and can be downloaded here:

This style guide forms part of the University’s branding toolkit, which contains guidance on the University’s visual identity.

Please address any queries on the Style Guide to

Changes to Michaelmas term 2014 edition

Along with fixing a few typographical errors and examples where we hadn’t followed our own advice, the following items have changed in the MT 2014 edition:

  • additional examples of using spans of numbers and years (p8)
  • clearer explanations of the use of commas with defining/non-defining clauses (pp12–13)
  • clearer examples of the use of quotation marks with other punctuation (p16)
  • correct terminology for orders of chivalry further explanations and examples for spellings, including plurals, tricky words and differences between US and UK spellings (pp22–24)
  • a new section on personal pronouns (p25).

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback.