LAB282 is a multi-partner team including Oxford University Innovation (OUI), Oxford University, Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), and Evotec representatives

medical equipmentA ground breaking £13m partnership
There is currently a lack of funding and industrial expertise available to help translate innovative, world class, biomedical discoveries at Oxford University into next generation drug discovery programmes that can be commercialised for patient benefit. LAB282 is a ground breaking £13m partnership which seeks to bridge this gap, via funding and the provision of industrial expertise and resources. The scheme is a collaboration between Oxford University, the global drug discovery company Evotec, and the investment fund Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI).

The partnership accepts applications from all Oxford biomedical academics and offers funding (from £50k to £500k) and access to industrial expertise and drug discovery resources not available at the University. Most funded projects involve work in both the academics’ lab and at Evotec, in order to take projects ideally to preclinical proof-of-concept, by blending the best of academic and industrial drug discovery and development expertise.

A key part of the award scheme is the dedicated Expert-In-Residence from Evotec, who helps select and plan projects together with the academics and Evotec scientists. The end goal is to generate industry-validated data and intellectual property which can be used to seed the formation of new companies to develop the next generation of patient therapies.