A male and female teacher walk down a school corridor in discussion. They are wearing school lanyards and carrying a folder.
A male and female teacher walk down a school corridor in discussion. They are wearing school lanyards and carrying a folder.

For teachers

Choosing where to go to university can be a life-changing decision. We hugely value the role that teachers and careers advisors play in encouraging students to consider their options and make informed decisions. In addition to events you can book for your students, Oxford for Oxford aims to supports teachers directly and offers a range of opportunities exclusively for colleagues including a yearlong programme of professional development relating to university admissions with a particular focus on Oxford. 

our core offer

Trinity College is the main point of contact for Oxfordshire’s schools within the University, and we work closely with the central Undergraduate Admissions Office to offer a range of programmes regularly available to students, their teachers, and families. 

The Trinity College Access Team offer university information and guidance sessions in Oxfordshire schools, as well as hosting visits into Trinity College from all year groups, in both primary and state secondary schools. There are also several residential opportunities in Oxford for both students and teachers in state secondary schools.

All programmes and activities featured here are intended for teachers.

For information about activities and programmes for students, please head to the section: For Students

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Teacher CPD support from Trinity College and The University of Oxford 

Trinity College Online Teacher Support Programme

Our year-long online Teacher Support Programme is made up of six one and a half hour sessions each taking place after the school day. Whilst we begin the programme in January each year, we encourage teachers to join at any point or just for those sessions they would find most helpful. We offer a completion certificate for those attending all sessions, however, there is no requirement to do so.

In these sessions, we aim to provide up to date practical information and guidance relating to the Oxford application process and the purpose of each stage, for example, the admissions tests and interviews. We also have the broader aim to provide teachers with guidance that may help them to support their pupils in all higher education applications, as well as those who may have the potential to apply to Oxford.

The six sessions include:

  • An introduction to the University of Oxford and the admission process
  • Supporting students through the process of writing a competitive personal statement
  • Writing the teacher reference – what top universities are looking for
  • Relevant enrichment activities for pupils – raising attainment and enhancing future academic success
  • The admissions tests – supporting your pupils to prepare
  • The interview – supporting your pupils to prepare

The programme also offers guidance to teachers and other school colleagues about pupil enrichment activities known to develop the skills associated with a raise in attainment and of benefit for university level study.

We particularly welcome applications from non-selective state schoolteachers who have little or no experience of the University of Oxford, pupil progression to the Russell Group or Higher Education in general.

To find out the dates for the sessions, please check out the Trinity College Teacher Support Pages.

Oxford University Regional Teacher Conferences

Because the University recognises the key role that teachers and careers advisers play in encouraging students to consider their options and make informed decisions, Oxford runs regional teacher conferences. During these conferences you will have a chance to talk with Oxford University professionals about supporting your students through all aspects of considering, and applying to, Oxford. Sign up to attend the next conference in your region.

Teacher Summer Schools

The University of Oxford’s CPD accredited Teacher Summer School is a FREE two-day residential conference in Oxford for teachers from state-funded schools and colleges in the UK. During the summer school, teachers receive detailed support and guidance about the Oxford admissions process, experience taster sessions for different academic subjects, and learn from mock interviews. It aims to support teachers to stretch and challenge their most able students, and equip them with the best possible advice and guidance on selective university admissions. Details of the summer school can be found on the Oxford University website.

Other resources for teachers

In addition to the regular support for teachers offered by Trinity College and Oxford University's Outreach and Access team, Oxford's departments, divisions, libraries, museums and collections offer a range of additional workshops, career support and resources drawing on all the expertise the University has to offer. 

Teacher support and resources in humanities subjects

History Online Teacher Workshops

The History Faculty's online Online Teacher Workshops are designed to support the development of practical history skills and provide advice on making a competitive application to selective universities such as Oxford. The workshops consist of three elements – supporting the development of History Skills, making a competitive application & teacher Q&A. Further information and details of how to book can be found on the Faculty of History website.  

English Faculty Teachers' Conference

This one-day online event for teachers offers an introduction to studying English at Oxford, taster lectures, admissions talk, Q&A with academics and Faculty members to understand how to help teachers support their prospective students (especially considering the impact of the pandemic). For more information, please email [email protected].

English Faculty Teachers Days

These upcoming events are a shorter version of the English Faculty Teachers' Conferences, consisting of taster lectures and resources presentations to teachers for classroom use. For more information, please email [email protected].

Teacher support and resources in Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences subjects

Practical Nanoscience for Teachers

A day of hands-on nano-science training for science teachers to support the GCSE, GCE and BTEC science curricula. Includes practicals, lab visits and handouts. For more information visit the Begbroke Science Park website or contact [email protected].

Teacher support and resources offered by Oxford's gardens, libraries and museums

Ashmolean Museum Student Teacher Training

As part of the Ashmolean Museum's ongoing links with Oxford Brooke and Oxford University, the museum's Education team contribute to both universities' teacher training programmes with sessions about learning from objects, designing a creative curriculum, and more. For more information email [email protected].

History of Science Museum teacher CPD/ITT

The History of Science Museum can offer occasional CPD to teachers in person or virtually. Visit the museum's website or contact [email protected] for more information.

Teacher support and resources offered by Oxford's Department of Education

Oxford Education Deanery

The Oxford Education Deanery facilitates the continuing professional development of teachers at all career stages in local schools by engaging them in research and providing various training courses. 

There are four types of research in the Deanery: Teachers carrying out Action Research; teachers on the Masters course conducting research in their schools; research by academics in collaboration with the Deanery, and research conducted more widely within the University of Oxford that is relevant to teachers. Visit the Oxford Education Deanery website for more information. 

Enrichment resources

Oxplore: The Home of Big Questions (KS3, 4, 5)

Oxplore is an innovative digital outreach portal from the University of Oxford. As the ‘Home of Big Questions’ it aims to engage those from 11 to 18 years with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in the classroom. The big questions aim to tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford. Oxplore aims to realise aspirations, promote deeper thinking and stimulate intellectual curiosity. This could be an effective tool to aid thinking and discussion skills development. Find out more about Oxplore and explore some of the Big Questions.

Inspiring Digital Learning Materials (KS4, 5)

The University of Oxford has compiled the best of its digital resources to support learning and exploration. They can help parents and teachers to feed the curiosity of growing minds and inspire them to think broadly. These resources can also enable older students to explore their passions and interests further, and to discover more about Oxford. You can find these all in one site online.

All year groups

Additional support for your school

Study Higher (KS3-5)

The Study Higher targeted outreach is for young people in school years 9 -13, who live in specific geographical areas across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Swindon. These wards have been identified by the funders, the Office for Students, and focus on areas where there is typically lower progression to higher education.

Schools with a high percentage of target pupils are eligible for our extensive programme of activity, which includes support from one of our Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOs). HELOs ensure that schools are aware of outreach opportunities available and that activity is tailored to meet the needs of both the school and pupils.

Study Higher currently work intensively with 34 schools in these regions. To find out if you, your school and/or your child is eligible or for more information about our targeted outreach check their website information.

Universify Education residential in Oxford (KS4)

Universify's vision is for all students to reach their potential in education. To achieve this, they want to help more students from non-traditional backgrounds to feel empowered and excited about fulfilling their potential at top universities.

Through their year-long programme they aim to improve educational aspirations, school attainment and application prospects to highly selective universities for Year 10 students unsure about whether university is for them. By taking part in the programme students become a university student for a week in the summer, and gain a true experience of what it is like to study at a top university and how they can make it to a highly selective university, with the help of a Universify coach.

You can register your school’s interest in this programme on the Universify website

Oxford careers education for schools (KS3-5)

Trinity's Teacher Engagement Officer, Richard Petty, is also responsible for supporting schools to access Oxford Careers Education for Schools. The University of Oxford Careers Service have adapted a series of successful programmes that we use with undergraduate students, in versions appropriate, usable, and effective for schools.

The Tailored programmes especially for schools are Litmus, The Student Consultancy for Schools, and Ignite.
The programmes are free to schools and students in the maintained sector and are aimed at all learners within schools and colleges, not just those with particular aspirations in mind.

This initiative also extends to a specialised programme called Oxford Opportunity North, which offers careers education support for state schools in the Northeast of England.

For more information about this programme please contact [email protected]


Targeted and personalised careers advice can be more effective with students and more efficient for staff; Litmus is a careers registration tool that asks students to define their frame of mind around their career and the specific industry sectors in which they are interested. Staff can then use these to arrange tailored careers events that fit with students’ current mindset and industry interests.

The Student Consultancy for Schools

The Student Consultancy for Schools is a structured programme designed to engage teams of pupils on real business issues with local organisations. Pupils who take part learn basic consulting skills including analysis, research, interviewing, presenting and report writing, as well as secondary skills of planning their time, taking part in a 12+ week project, working with the public and business people, and understanding how organisations work.

Ignite: Careers Confidence for Schools

Ignite is a programme of over 60 separate, age-specific lessons on assertiveness, confidence, networking, and marketing for Key Stages 3, 4, and 5. The programme is designed to be delivered by (e.g., PSHE) teachers within the existing curriculum, in 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons.

The Oxford Careers Website

Oxford University Careers website might be of particular interest to teachers interested in supporting student progression within their own school. On this website teachers can find information supporting and developing student knowledge and understanding of the different sector & occupation pathwaysguidance on generating careers ideas and CV writing.

KS3, 4, 5

Trinity College support for parents and families in your school

When it comes to deciding the next steps after school, everyone benefits from the support of the family and friends who know them best.

The team at Trinity College run an online live session for parents in which we cover questions about costs and finance, student support and well-being. These interactive sessions give parents the chance to ask questions and meet current students. The aim of our parent sessions is to explore the following themes:

  • The benefits of going to university alongside the costs
  • What the University of Oxford has to offer prospective applicants
  • Helping parents and carers feel more confident about their role in supporting their child's future choices

We run these sessions in the summer and autumn term, and they are advertised through our linked schools. Parents can also book onto a choice of dates independently, so look out for our emails to share with parents. To discuss planning a session specifically for your students’ parents please get in touch to discuss directly by emailing [email protected]

Trinity College strongly encourages all teachers to sign up to the Oxford University Teachers eNewsletter to keep up to date with school events and other developments across the University and departments. We also encourage teachers to use the University teacher’s section on the website for advice, information and resources.