Professor Stephen Harrison

Professor of Latin Literature; Fellow of Corpus Christi College


Professor Harrison’s main research interests are in Latin literature and its reception. He has written books on Virgil, Horace and on the Roman novelist Apuleius, and has edited, co-edited or co-authored more than twenty books on Virgil, Horace, the Roman novel, classics and literary theory and Latin literature in general, and on the reception of classical literature. He is currently working on further books on the receptions of Horace and Apuleius. He is also interested in how classics is taught and researched elsewhere in the world. 


  • Latin poetry, especially Horace and Virgil
  • The Roman novel (Apuleius and Petronius)
  • The reception of classics in the United Kingdom in the 19th and 20th centuries

Media experience

Professor Harrison has experience of working with the media, including for BBC Radio.