Professor Michael H. Whitworth

Professor of Modern Literature and Culture, English Faculty


Professor Michael H. Whitworth studies modernist poetry and fiction, primarily in Britain. He is interested in the relations of literature and science, and particularly the 'new physics' of the early 20th century: relativity and quantum theory. Professor Whitworth is also interested in the relation of modernist literature to its social and political contexts.

He has particular expertise in Virginia Woolf: he has produced editions of her novels Night and Day (1919) and Orlando (1928), and has written a guide to criticism on Mrs Dalloway (1925). 

Professor Whitworth has also written about T. S. Eliot, William Empson, T. E. Hulme, Mina Loy, Hugh MacDiarmid, Herbert Read, and Michael Roberts.


  • Literature and science
  • Poetry and science
  • Woolf, Virginia
  • Modernism
  • Read, Herbert
  • Two cultures (literature and science)
  • Modernist poetry
  • Modernist fiction

Media experience

Professor Michael H. Whitworth has experience being interviewed for broadcast media, including for a BBC Radio 4 essay about modernism and 'stream of consciousness' and an Oxford University Press promotional podcast on Woolf's Orlando (please see opposite).