Professor Kieran Clarke

Professor of Physiological Biochemistry, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; Supernumerary Fellow of Merton College


Professor Clarke heads the Cardiac Metabolism Research Group. The group's research is directed towards understanding the metabolic control of gene expression in heart failure and in the diabetic heart, as well as the use of stem cells to treat the infarcted heart. Her own research focuses on the effects of diet on energy metabolism in heart, brain and skeletal muscle, and thereby on physical performance and cognitive function.


  • Heart disease in diabetes
  • Diet and exercise to treat diabetes
  • Diet and physical performance in athletes
  • Effects of low oxygen (including that seen on Everest) on the heart
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the heart
  • New ketone diet for increasing physical performance and cognitive function - to replace a ketone diet used for treating Parkinson's disease and epilepsy

Media experience

Professor Clarke has experience of working with the media.