Professor Karen Leeder FRSA, MEA

Schwarz-Taylor Chair of the German Language and Literature, Faculty of Medieval & Modern Languages; Fellow of The Queen’s College


Professor Leeder has published widely on modern German culture, especially of the post-1945 and contemporary periods. Her interests include poetry and the poetic tradition, the literature of the former GDR (East Germany), contemporary German culture, women’s writing, angels, spectres, translation, Rilke and Brecht. She is a prize-winning translator of contemporary German literature, including works by Evelyn Schlag, Raoul Schrott, Michael Krüger, Durs Grünbein and Volker Braun.


  • Contemporary German literature, film, culture and politics
  • Modern German culture
  • Translation

Media experience

Professor Leeder appears regularly on television and radio.


English, German