Professor George Garnett

Professor of Medieval History; Fellow of St Hugh's College


Professor Garnett is a medievalist with interests ranging well into the early modern period. He has published a large study of the impact of the Norman Conquest on notions of kingship, succession, and tenure; a briefer introduction to the Conquest; and several essays on these and related themes. He also works on political thought in a more conventional sense: he has published an edition of Vindiciae, contra tyrannos, the highly influential sixteenth-century Huguenot resistance treatise, and a study of the role of providential history in the thought of the fourteenth-century Italian theorist and anti-papal publicist, Marsilius of Padua. He has contributed a number of entries to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and is currently completing a history of the Norman Conquest.


  • Medieval England
  • Medieval Europe
  • Political thought to 1700