Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, Kt

Professor of the History of the Church; Fellow of St Cross College


Professor MacCulloch's interests include the European Reformation (1490-1700) and Christian history in general.


  • History of the sixteenth-century Reformation, especially in England
  • Tudor politics and society
  • General history of Christianity, especially with regard to gender issues
  • Church architecture, liturgy and music

Media experience

Professor MacCulloch has extensive media experience, both for broadcast and print. He has presented four television series: Sex and the Church (BBC2, 2015), Henry VIII's Enforcer: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Cromwell (BBC2, 2013), How God Made The English (BBC2, 2012) and A History of Christianity (BBC4/BBC2 2009). In early 2017 he presented a series based on his book All Things Made New for BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week slot.