Professor Angela Vincent

Professor Emeritus of Neuroimmunology, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences; Emeritus Fellow of Somerville College


Professor Vincent’s major research interest is in the role of autoimmunity in neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis and auto-antibody mediated ion channel and receptor disorders. She is an honorary consultant in immunology and runs the Clinical Neuroimmunology service, an international referral centre for the measurement of antibodies in neurological diseases. She and her colleagues collaborate with neurologists worldwide. She was formerly Head of Department of Clinical Neurology (2005-2008), and is a Past President of the International Society of Neuroimmunology, and an Associate Editor of Brain.


  • Autoimmune and genetic disorders of neuromuscular transmission
  • Clinical diagnosis of antibody-mediated neurological disorders
  • Role of maternal antibodies in causing foetal abnormalities, such as arthrogryposis, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyslexia and autism