Dr Václav Janeček

Research and Course Development Fellow in Law and Technology


Václav Janeček is a Research and Course Development Fellow in Law and Technology. His research interests span law, philosophy and technology.

His recent work includes a paper on ‘data extra commercium’, a pioneering study on ownership of personal data in the Internet of Things (awarded the Ius Commune Prize and the Jacques Derrida Special Prize), and a co-authored monograph on liability and transactions of artificial legal entities. He is also an advisor to the European Law Institute's and American Law Institute's joint project on the ‘Principles for a Data Economy’.

Václav has postdoctoral research experience from the Digital Ethics Lab (Oxford Internet Institute). He was also a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (Hamburg), at the Institute for European Tort Law (Vienna), and at the European University Institute (Fiesole).

Before starting as a Fellow, Václav worked towards his second doctorate, exploring the role of public interests in the English law of damages. His first PhD examined the institute of legal responsibility from doctrinal, comparative, historical and philosophical viewpoints. Václav’s doctoral research served as a basis for his book entitled Critique of Legal Responsibility (Wolters Kluwer 2017) which was awarded the Bolzano Prize and ranked as the best law monograph.


  • Law and technology
  • Data protection
  • Online Privacy
  • Data economy
  • Dispute resolution
  • Access to legal information
  • Damages


English, German, Czech, Slovak