Dr Tina Fawcett

Senior Researcher and Acting Leader (estimated until October 2021), the Energy Programme, Environmental Change Institute


Dr Tina Fawcett is a senior researcher in the Energy Programme at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, and Co-Director of CREDS – the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions, a multi-university research partnership, where she leads work on energy policy.

Her research focuses on how and why we use energy, as individuals and organisations, and explores pathways and policies to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions. She has worked on a variety of topics including low energy renovation of homes, EU and UK energy efficiency policies, decision-making around energy, personal carbon allowances and the electrification of heating.

New projects include exploring ideas about sufficiency and energy, climate change education, developing values-based and co-benefits approaches to improving environmental advice for businesses and being a Co-Director of a research network on transforming heating and cooling for the net zero future. 


  • Energy use by households
  • UK and EU policy on energy efficiency and energy saving, particularly energy use in buildings. (Note: not on energy use in industry or transport)
  • Low energy renovation of buildings
  • Personal carbon allowances/trading/rations
  • Energy sufficiency
  • Energy use and energy policy related to SMEs

Media experience

Dr Fawcett has some experience of interviews for local and national media.