Dr Radhika Khosla

Research Director, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development; Research Fellow, Somerville College; Associate Professor, Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, School of Geography and the Environment


Dr Radhika Khosla's work examines the productive tensions between urban transitions, energy services consumption and climate change, with a focus on developing country cities.

Her research looks at two sets of interrelated questions. How does consumption of energy-related services change as cities urbanize? What are the socio-technical drivers, systems and institutional structures that shape energy and carbon emission pathways? And what forms of governance and political rationalities characterize the varied urban responses to climate change in rapidly developing cities, given their (often competing) objectives to provide urban services?

She also leads the Future of Cooling Programme at the Oxford Martin School, and is a member of the UK Government’s UK-India Advisory Committee. She is a contributing author to the sixth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and lead author of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report (2020).