Dr Natalia Nowakowska

Associate Professor of Early Modern History; Fellow of Somerville College


Dr Nowakowska is a historian of late medieval and early modern Europe, with a particular interest in the history of Poland. In her work, she tries to build a bridge between very different ways of thinking about the European past. Her research takes little-known material from 15th and 16th century Poland, and places it in its European context, in order to challenge both our traditional 'western' accounts of Renaissance and Reformation, and the stories which Central Europe tells about its pre-modern past. She is currently involved in a major research project, The Jagiellonians: Dynasty, Memory and Identity in Central Europe, exploring the history and legacy of  one of the most important dynasties in Renaissance Europe.


  • 15th and 16th century Polish history
  • Renaissance papacy
  • Jagiellonians
  • Medieval church
  • Royal dynasties
  • Early modern European history
  • Printing press
  • Crusades

Media experience

Dr Nowakowska has experience of print and broadcast interviews.


English, Polish