Dr Igor Calzada | University of Oxford

Dr Igor Calzada

Lecturer, Research Fellow, and Policy Adviser at the Urban Transformations ESRC Programme and Future of Cities Programme, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)


The holder of an MBA from the University of Deusto, Dr Calzada is an academic entrepreneur working in the field of innovative economic and geographic processes in cities and regions, with a focus on cases and issues of regional and metropolitan devolution and governance. In particular, he focuses on European City-Region and Smart City benchmarking case studies through the application of qualitative and action research methods.

He has also worked outside academia with stakeholders in the public, private and civic society sectors. In the public sector, he has held the positions of Director of Research and Innovation for the Basque Regional Government (2009-2010) and Scientific Director of the City-Region Congress (2012). In the private sector, he worked for more than a decade at the worldwide Mondragon Co-operative Corporation and as a deputy manager of SMEs (1997-2002). He is also a founder of spin-out company, Translokal SL Academic Entrepreneurship for Policy Making.


  • Future of cities, urban transformations, smart cities and smart citizens, city to city learning, urban living labs, experimental cities, urban laboratories, urban cooperatives
  • Technopolitics of data, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, social physics, machine learning, open data, dataism, data literacy
  • Hyper-connected societies, unplugging
  • Algorithmic nations, devolution, European politics, secessionism, political regionalism, self-determination, right to decide, civic vs ethnic nationalism
  • Democratic legitimacy in politics, metropolitanisation
  • Innovation, future trends and prospective cities, technology and politics

Media experience

Dr Calzada has experience of working with the media, particularly Spanish and Latin American regional and national media.


English, Spanish and Basque