Dr Gwen Burnyeat

Junior Research Fellow in Anthropology


Gwen Burnyeat is a political anthropologist who has been working on peace, conflict and politics in Colombia for over a decade, studying the perspectives of multiple social groups, from victims of the conflict in war-torn areas (especially Urabá) and social movements, to government officials, guerrilla ex-combatants, and international community representatives in the country.

As well as academic works, she has published widely on Colombia for anglophone media, including the London Review of Books, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Americas Quarterly, The Globe Post, The Conversation, Latin America Bureau, the LSE Latin American and Caribbean Centre Blog, and elsewhere.

She has also extensive practitioner experience in dialogue facilitation, human rights, and conflict observation in Colombia, including with the International Centre for Transitional Justice, Peace Brigades International, and Rodeemos el Diálogo (Embrace Dialogue).

She is available for media consultation on any issue relating to peace, conflict, politics and polarisation in Colombia.