Dr Graciela Iglesias Rogers

Lecturer in Modern European History, Faculty of History


Dr Iglesias Rogers' areas of interest are the political, cultural and social history of Europe, including Britain, and its interaction with the global Hispanic world (Spain, the Americas, the Philippines, North and West Africa) from a transnational perspective, particularly from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries.


  • Spanish and Ibero-American history
  • Napoleonic wars
  • Anglo-Hispanic relations
  • European history
  • Latin American history
  • Argentina (history, culture, politics)
  • Falklands / Malvinas
  • Media in Europe and South America

Media experience

Dr Iglesias Rogers had a long career as a journalist, including as chief European correspondent of the Argentine daily La Nacion, before entering academia. As an academic she has worked with a number of outlets including The Lancet, The Independent, BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.


English, Spanish