Dr Erika Berenguer

Senior Research Associate


Erika Berenguer is a Senior Research Associate at the Ecosystems Lab in the University of Oxford and a Visiting Research Associate at Lancaster University. She works in several Brazil-UK consortiums looking at the impacts of human-induced disturbance, such as selective logging and understory fires, in ecosystems functions and processes in the Amazon.

Dr Berenguer co-leads Working Group7 on the Scientific Panel for the Amazon, focusing on the impacts of deforestation and the degradation of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Her interests lie in developing a better understanding of how human-modified tropical forests function, assessing the resilience of these forests in the face of climate change. In addition, she is passionate about finding ways of effectively communicating scientific results to relevant stakeholders and policy makers.


  • Amazon deforestation
  • Amazon fires
  • Amazon and climate change
  • Amazon and carbon stocks
  • Logging in the Amazon
  • Resilience of the Amazon to human impacts
  • Amazon rainforest

Media experience

Over the past seven years, Dr Erika Berenguer has had vast experience with both Brazilian and British media discussing various issues related to the Amazon, especially deforestation and fires. This resulted in a trip with the BBC to the Amazon for BBC News at Ten, a live interview on BBC Newsnight, several podcasts with the BBC and Sky News, and numerous written interviews, from The Guardian to the Express.


English, Portuguese