Dr Carolyne Larrington

Fellow and Tutor in Medieval English Literature, St John's College


Dr Larrington's research interests are in Old Icelandic literature, medieval women's writing, European Arthurian literature, and, most recently, medieval emotion.


  • Norse, Vikings, medieval Iceland, Norse mythology, Germanic legend, sagas, Eddic poetry
  • Medieval English literature, including Chaucer, romances and medieval travel literature
  • Arthurian literature across Europe
  • British folklore, legends and myths
  • Reception and retellings of medieval tales in modern literature and in TV and film adaptations, such as Game of Thrones
  • Old English, including Beowulf and wisdom poetry

Media experience

Dr Larrington has made frequent appearances on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4, including on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time and Woman's Hour. She also appeared in the BBC 4 TV series The Beauty of Books. In 2015 she presented a BBC Radio 4 series, The Lore of the Land, examining the enduring relevance of the creatures of British folklore.