Dr Andrew Markham

Associate Professor in Software Engineering; Fellow of Kellogg College


Dr Markham works on sensing and communication in extreme and challenging applications. He is investigating how to find people, animals and objects in environments where technologies like GPS fail, such as underground or indoors. Key to this is the use of magneto-inductive tracking and communication. This has been applied to monitoring animals in their underground habitats, allowing for the first time detailed reconstruction of animal trajectories in their underground burrows. His work has broad applications in wildlife tracking and industrial monitoring.

He has worked on the WildSensing project, which used wireless sensor nodes to monitor badger behaviour. His doctorate from the University of Cape Town focused on the design and implementation of a wildlife tracking system, using heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.


  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Software engineering
  • Embedded sensing
  • Localisation
  • Tracking
  • Positioning
  • Magneto-inductive technology
  • Internet of Things